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Google Micro Moments – using them for LOCAL marketing

Google Micro Moments - 2017 is here! Using Google Micro-Moments for LOCAL digital marketing What is a Google Micro-Moment? As defined by Think With Google a Google Micro-Moment is "Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a...

Keyword Research 101

SEO and Paid Advertising on Google - Keyword Research 101 While there are a multitude of different options about what makes SEO and PPC campaigns work, the one thing people can agree on is that keyword research is a must.  For those unfamiliar with keyword research it...

What to expect – Facebook Advertising in 2017

We do a TON of Facebook advertising for our own projects and for clients alike.  The one thing that I can say is that it is certainly a moving target.  Even as a professional, seems that everytime I login I can’t find something that I knew right where it was the week...

Google Ranking Factors – the future of SEO and Google Adwords

SEO Ranking Factors - the future of SEO and Google Adwords At this point in the game it should be no secret that the visibility that Google provides is extremely valuable to almost all types of businesses.  The ability to become visible in a Google search is an...

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